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Referring Physicians

Vascular surgeons, Interventional Cardiologists, Podiatrist, Retina Specialist, Endocrinologists and Metabolic Disorders Phsyicians dedicate their entire training to address the full spectrum of Diabetes Mellitus, Vascular health, Retina, and its diseases. Thank you for your partnership in choosing the Aiyan Diabetes Center and it"s EndoVascular Center to guide the treatment of your patient’s vascular disease proactively by referring your patients to us.
For your convenience, please send your Patient Referrals

(include patient demographics, insurance information, and approvals, if needed)


directly to our fax at (706) 868-3719.


Need help with referrals or have any questions, contact Randa Dixon L.P.N, Referral Clerk at (706)-868-0360.

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