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About Aiyan Diabetes Center
a Tamilan HealthCare System in the US.

Aiyan (spoken English; pronounce alphabet"I" and "N"  -aiyan)

is an ancient Tamil language word meaning "Leader or The Expert".

Aiyan Diabetes Center was founded in the year 2005 and registered in the state of Georgia as a Corporation.

It's part of Tamilan HealthCare System, in providing excellent patient care and premium healthcare service to the citizens who deal with Diabetes.


Aiyan Diabetes Center, is a multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary, outpatient Disease specific business model. The center has developed many sub-divisions, with state-of-the art technology, and with continuous improvement working towards Center of Excellence.


The Clinical Research division, has successfully conducted major ground breaking innovative trials partnering with Harvard Clinical Research Institute, Duke Clinical Research Institute, and many Pharmaceutical  and Biotechnology companies. 


Aiyan Diabetes Center, a Tamilan Health Care System

To be the leader in managing the Diabetes patient Care population in the United States

with Virtue as our main ethics that comprises the team of World Class Physician Scientists (MD.Ph.D's), Physicians (DPM, MD) and Scientists (Ph.D).


1. Provide Quality Care 

to people living with diabetes using our Aiyan team of diabetes specialists to deliver comprehensive, patient-centered treatment.

2. Value Creation to our Investors and Equity Stakeholders 

by recruiting motivated individuals to provide outstanding diabetes clinical care, and to pursue and disseminate clinically relevant research that adds value to the organization.

3. Conduct Cutting-Edge Clinical Research

with leading Physician Scientists, Physicians, Scientists o understand the root causes of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, and apply that knowledge to develop therapies to improve the quality of life for people living with the disease. 

Founded 2005 August 25th.

1. Established Center for Podiatry Clinic with Dr Janaki Nadarajah DPM., at Evans GA.

2. Established Peripheral Vascular Laboratory and created a huge database of pts with P.A.D 2006.

3. Established Durable Medical Equipment services 2007.

4. Added Diabetes Clinical Research Department, starting with Stem cells and its infrastructure 2008.

5. Added Wound Care Center 2009 for the treatment of non-healing leg ulcers, DFU's.

6. Created roadmap and executed opening 4 locations Augusta Downtown, Royston, Athens and Evans with 4 Endocrinologists, 2 Internal Medicine Physicians and 6 Podiatrists 2010 - 2014.

7. Established Aiyan Diabetes Center, in a 16, 200 sq ft brand new building with 110 parking lots and 3 floors, completed the incomplete building from KHB Properties LL., got approved from The Columbia County Completion and occupancy certificates 2015.

8. Started with Gaskin Construction of the 5400 sq,ft., Outpatient EndoVascular Surgery Center 2016.

9. Opened EndoVascular Surgery center 2017. Dr Atabak Allei MD Interventional Radiologist opened with First Surgery, followed by Dr Houman Tamaddon MD., 2018 with state-of-the-art Ziehm C arm 2019., Dr Mohammed Chaudhry Vascular Surgeon, Dr Angampally Rajeev MD., Interventional Cardiologist 2020.

10. Started Infusion Services for Diabetes Foot Ulcer patients 2018.

11. Built new exam rooms for Dr Ravi Kamepalli MD., Infectious Disease Division 2019.

10. Established Endocrinology Center with Dr Goscin Lee MD PhD, Dr Shehzad Topiwala, MD., 2020.

11. Built and equipped with Dr Julian Nussbaum MD., a brand new Retina and Ophthalmology laser Center 2021.

12. Established full-time Vascular clinic, with Dr Kaushal Shah MD 2021.

13. Started the construction of 5400 sq ft Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber facility 2021, with Blount construction company Augusta.

14. Expansion of Endocrinology services with Dr Jamie Steinsipar MD PhD and Khalil Alsoutary MD 2021.

15. Aiyan diabetes center was awarded the Global Excellence Award in Diabetes Care, London 2021.

16. Dr Jin She Ph.D., CEO of Jinfiniti - colloboration for Longevity Center.

17. Interventional Radiology services, Vein Ablation, Midline services with Dr Brandon Sur MD., Interventional Radiologist at EndoVascular Surgery Center.

18. Partnering with Healix Inc., for infusion services 2021.

19. Dr Don Brown DO, Vascular surgeon onboard 2022.

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