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The Place To Come
When You Have Foot Pain


When it comes to treating your feet, Center for Podiatry Care is the place to go.  Whether you have painful calluses, toenail problems, arch, heel, or ankle pain, blisters or corns, or other foot problems, our team of doctors will provide you with the quality care you need to feel better and get you back on your feet.  Our modern, convenient facilities, provide all the necessities for comprehensive foot care – we can even offer transportation under certain Medicare and Medicaid allowances.

Our team of doctors and support staff will meet with you, tell you why your feet hurt, and what we can do about it – in a reassuring and friendly way.  If you need special shoes, paddings, braces or custom arch supports (orthotics), we’ll be able to provide you with them.  If you need x-rays or other testing, we can do it right here in the Center.  If you need specialized attention, you’ll be directed to one of our many special clinics, such as pediatrics, sports medicine, diabetes, or surgery, all located within Foot Center facility.


Because foot health begins in childhood, regular checkups — and prompt treatment at the first sign of trouble — can provide a lifetime of pain-free walking.  Parents should not wait to see if a child’s foot or walking problem will “correct itself” over time.  Unfortunately, children often develop a manner of walking that compensates for a particular problem, and this frequently leads to more severe problems later in life.

At Foot Center, we have specially-trained foot doctors (podiatrists) who have years of experience in recognizing and treating problems seen in children’s feet.  When recognized early, such problems can be treated promptly — often with excellent results.


Did you know that certain foot disorders often are early signs of diabetes?  Patients with diabetes sometimes suffer from sores that don’t heal, numbness, weakness, burning or coldness, blisters, dry skin, itching and other disorders of the feet.  If left untreated, these patients are at risk of infection and other severe foot problems.

The  Foot Center provides early detection for the many foot problems that commonly affect the diabetic patient.  Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists offers comprehensive evaluation of diabetic conditions, and provides patient education and diagnostic testing.

Wound Care

Our Integrative Wound and Wellness Center offers a comprehensive integrated medical protocol for acute and chronic wound management. The Center draws on the expertise of specialists in a range of disciplines, including nutrition, internal medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, infectious diseases, podiatric surgery and foot care for people with diabetes.


Our staff of highly qualified podiatrist offers expert consultation and surgical services for all foot and ankle-related disorders.  Surgery is performed at the Foot Center on an out-patient basis or in one of our affiliated hospitals.  All post-operative management is performed at the Center, and there is no need for an overnight hospital stay.


Sports medicine is a major part of the services of the Orthopedics Clinic.  Our podiatric specialists provide complete evaluation of the athlete, relating foot or leg problems to body structure and specific sports and shoe wear.  We treat such problems as shin splints, tendonitis and stress fractures, as well as a wide variety of general foot problems for all ages.

Urgent Care

What better place to come to than ADC?  Whenever urgent care relating to the foot is needed, see us.  We’re qualified specialists.  Sprains, puncture wounds, cuts and bruises will be treated quickly and with personalized attention.  CALL (706)868-0319 for an appointment.

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