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Founders Desk

Dr Sivakumar Jayabalan Ph.D., (M.B.A)

Founder and CEO 

Aiyan Diabetes Center,

Board of Director, Basis Medical LLC.

Sivakumar, is a serial Entrepreneur and an investment banker, a Scientist by profession turned successful businessman. He founded and invested in Aiyan Diabetes Center, CSRA Internal Associates LLC, Foot and Ankle center, Chola Inc., Gordon Hospitality (Green Hotel-Solar Powered), Dorchester Hospitality, Global Wound Care, Basis Medical LLC., Varuvel Bread Company, Coromandel Properties, and Breeze Research LLC. He is an expert in Merger & Acquisitions, Creating Value additions and in Reverse Merger. Currently in talks with Investment Bankers on entering into Equity Capital Markets (ECM). He did his undergraduate B.Sc., in Zoology (spl) from The American College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He was University Rank holder in Immunology. He did his Post-Graduation M.Sc., Biochemistry from Annamalai University. His passion towards "Magic Bullets" monoclonal antibodies generation as an extremely powerful immunotherapy tool made his journey into cancer research for his Ph.D University of Madras at Department of Biochemical Oncology, Cancer Institute (W.I.A) Adyar, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. He received three prestigious awards and scholarships from Birla Samarok Kosh Trust Bombay, Novartis Science Scholarship, and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India. He came to US in 1999, for his Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Institute for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, US. He authored and published his post-doctoral work in the reputed, leading Scientific journal Nature Immunology. His credibility was further enhanced when he established Clinical Research Division (2008), collaborated with Harvard Clinical Research Institute, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Major Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Companies. 


 Outpatient Endovascular Surgery Center established 2017, adds value to the Diabetes Center and it's wound patients.

Fresenius is in talks to do Merger & Acquisition 2022. 

Dr Sivakumar Jayabalan., has partnered with Deepam Hospitals, India (September 2021) and built AANDAALL Hospital, a 300 beds organ transplant & diabetes treatment, Limb Salvage hospital at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. First in Asia, and one of its kind, advanced , state-of-the art technology, establishing The American Standard of Care in India. He is one of the Founders, Investor and Board of Director at the new venture an organ transplant hospital with investments worth $100 millions state-of-the -art implementing American Standards and Quality of Care hospital.

Dr Sivakumar Jayabalan, expands his presence in Fiji Islands, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, proposing and partnering with Fiji Government through Deepam Ventures, to establish Aiyan Diabetes Center, Fiji 2022.

Dr Sivakumar Jayabalan, is partnering with Dr She, CEO of Jinfiniti LLC, an Augusta based Biotechnology Company who is a pioneer in Diabetes Biomarkers, and successfully marketed Diagnostic Kits, on anti-aging and launching a "LONGEVITY CENTER".

Dr Sivakumar Jayabalan and Mr Manik Rajendran BE., MBA., COO., an IIM graduate has joined hands to expand Aiyan Diabetes Centers.


1. Life Time Achievement award by Global Tamil Organisation 2021, UK based community charity in Global Medical excellence category, London at the Prestigious British Parliament held on November 26th, 2021.

2. Top 10 Tamil Entrepreneur award from FETNA, Federation of Tamil sangams in North America 2009, a US based non-profit organisation.

3. Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Institute for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, US. 1999, 2002.

4. Hindustan Ciba-Geigy Ltd. Science Scholarship 1995.

5. CSIR Senior Research Fellowship Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India 1997.

6. Ph.D - Cancer Immunology/Biochemical Oncology University of Madras 1999.

7. Immunology - Top rank holder, Madurai Kamaraj University The American College 1991.

Assets Under Management (AUM): 

Portfolio Companies:


1. Aiyan International Aandall Hospital, Tamil Nadu 2023 - planning stage.

2. Aiyan Diabetes Center Inc., 2011

3. Center For Podiatry Care Corpn., 2005

4. Global Wound Care - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. 2011

5. Longevity Center anti-aging. 2022

6. Advanced Diabetes Genomics & Proteomics drug development research center 2022.


Biotechnology & Biomedical:

6. Basis Medical Device LLC. 2020

7. partnership with Jinfiniti LLC 2021.


8. Coromandel Real Estate Properties LLC., 2011

9. Breeze Research Corpn., Shell Company  2017

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